Residential and Commercial Epoxy Services

Epoxy applications are not just for home garages.  Epoxy coatings are utilized in commercial settings such as warehouses, commercial kitchens, machine-shops, aircraft hangars, auto-shops, industrial facilities, and any floor that requires a durable, long-lasting coating.  Floors that endure high foot traffic are perfect candidates for epoxy coatings.  Outdoor floors and staircases exposed to inclement weather can be secured with a quartz-mixed epoxy coatings, creating an anti-slip profile.  We further improve the flooring appearance by repairing light cracks and divots before applying the epoxy coating.

To summarize our installation process, we begin with the floor preparation, which is key to a long lasting floor.  We employ the use of large diamond concrete grinding machines, as well as angle grinders and scrapers for compact areas, to remove all loose dirt and debris (and any previous coating) from the floor.  After the floor is prepared for maximum adhesion, we apply the epoxy coatings and decorative chip flakes for texture, grip and anti-slip characteristics.  After the coatings have fully cured (typically the next day), we apply a polyurethane clear coat for that glossy finish.

We efficiently tackle the arduous tasks of removing old grime, grease, paint, or any other undesirable material that was previously plaguing your floor.  Secure your floors and the safety of your employees by cleaning and highlighting high traffic walk areas.

We transformed this rough area with crack repair, surface grinding for a level profile, and a commercial grade epoxy coating.  For more examples of our work, visit our image gallery.

We transformed this area by crack repair, surface grinding for a level profile, and commercial grade epoxy coating.


Epoxy Coatings in Commercial Setting

Many business have employed us to apply epoxy coatings in a variety of places to customize their appearance, such as bar-tops, kitchens, patio areas, offices, and showrooms.  In addition to chip flake flooring, we offer metallic coatings, which provide a unique and decorative finish.  The video below demonstrates how we used metallic epoxy to transform the floor into a distinct, work of art.

Commercial Epoxy Metallic Floor in Houston, Texas

What is Epoxy?

The chemistry behind epoxy coatings can be quite complex, but rather than go into those complicated details, it makes sense to give a basic version of what epoxy is and how it works. Epoxy is a thermosetting epoxide polymer. This means that when the adhesive cures, it cannot return to its original form. It reacts with other chemicals, which help to cure or harden it, and this creates a very strong and very durable adhesive. These same chemical properties are what make it so useful in sealing and protecting surfaces. Because of these properties, it is useful for commercial, residential, industrial, marine, and even art applications. In fact, epoxy is useful just about everywhere.

Types of Epoxy

When looking into getting epoxy for your own flooring or covering needs, it is important to know the basic types of epoxy that are available. Know your options as well as where you will be able to find them.

  • 100% Solid-Based Epoxy – this is the strongest type of epoxy that you are going to be able to find today, but with that strength comes an added expense. Most commercial applications will find that this added cost is justified due to its durability and resistance to harsh conditions. You will often find these in industrial and warehouse settings that have floors that take quite a bit of abuse from heavy machine, forklifts, vehicles, and more. Known as the premium epoxy product in the industry, it is difficult to install, and we highly suggest that only professionals install your product.
  • Solvent-Based Epoxy – Although not a 100% solid, it is very practical and useful for many different types of industrial use. They generally contain 40% to 60% solids, and you do have to take precautions just as you would with solid-based. Because of its excellent bonding properties, it is an ideal primer for industrial or commercial grade applications. We often use this method in our own commercial epoxy systems.
  • Water-Based Epoxy – The most economical and practical choice for residential applications. This type of epoxy stand up quite well against normal foot and vehicle traffic that one might have through a garage, walkway, or finished basement with concrete flooring. These are often available in home improvement stores. At Epoxy Floors Houston, we use a grade above the big box store options and use Sherwin Williams epoxy products.

In addition to the various types, including the tile clad variety of flooring you will also find quite a few different colors available, which will be able to match your aesthetic and decorating needs. The chips mixed into the epoxy can help to give it a nice look as well.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

  • Affordable – Compared to other types of flooring costs, epoxy is long lasting and easy to care for, which cuts down on maintenance costs in the future.
  • Easy Maintenance – Epoxy flooring is very simple to care for. With simple cleaning on occasion, and a reseal every five years, your floors should remain in great shape for decades!
  • Durable – you want to have flooring that is going to last and that can stand up to the abuses of weather and everyday traffic. Epoxy hardens into a protective shell that has the potential to last a lifetime with proper care. It will remain looking good for much longer than many other types of flooring.
  • Creative and Beautiful Designs – while it is true that epoxy flooring has quite a bit of use in the industrial sector, that does not mean that it has to have a sterile industrial appearance. Residential homes working with professionals are able to create some beautiful designs and aesthetically pleasing floors with this type of coating.
  • Safer/Anti-Slip – another great thing about this type of flooring is the fact that it is able to offer slip resistance. This can be especially helpful on wet floors and in areas where safety is going to be a primary concern.List item 3
  • Fewer Particulates – these floors are not going to hold onto dust and other particulates as easily as normal flooring. This means that sweeping and cleaning this type of flooring regularly will be much easier compared to traditional floors.
  • Fast Installation – the installation of epoxy coating in normal conditions is relatively quick, especially when you have the professionals doing it for you. Preparation is the key to ensuring a fast, easy, and quality installation.

Preparation for the Coating

Proper preparation of the flooring is the most important step when one is getting ready to apply epoxy. If you do not set up the floor properly, the result is going to be poor adhesion, which causes the coating to peel and flake prematurely. You need to make sure that you clean the entire surface thoroughly, and this can be a labor intensive task. Remove the dirt, dust, and other particles on the floor and do your best to remove stains. It is important that you clean the entirety of the floor, including the corners and along the edges. You will want to do this by hand to get the best results.

For grimy/greasy surfaces, acid etching is usually the next step in getting a floor ready for the epoxy coating. Always make sure that you are wearing the proper safety. Spray the mixture onto the floor, which should cause some fizzing to show you that it is working. When the fizzing stops, you may rinse with water. However, if done incorrectly, inadvertent damage may result from improper use of acid etching.

At Epoxy Floors Houston, the preferred method is using a large diamond surface grinder to prepare the floors for maximum adhesion. We always ensure that the surface is ready for proper installation. Next, you will want to look for any cracks or holes that you will have to repair before you can apply the epoxy. While these steps are not overly difficult, they are very time consuming, and one misstep can cause quite a bit of trouble for your floor.

Why Should You Hire a Professional?

If you are thinking of applying an epoxy coating in your home, you should consider having professionals come and take care of the epoxy flooring process for you. You will find quite a few benefits when you are working with the pros.

At Epoxy Floors Houston, we have specialized techniques of using solvent based, as well as 100 percent solids in the same application to create an industrial grade system that is second to none. In addition, we will take care of the floor cleaning and preparation for you. We clean the floors with high quality tools and cleaners to ensure they are ready for adhesion. This ensures that you are doing it right the first time, and it will save you money and quite a few headaches. We are specialists and have done hundreds of epoxy installs in the Houston area for many years. You will be able to rest easy knowing that your floors are safe in the hands of the pros!

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