Are You Tired of Your Ugly, Stained, Cracked and Hard to Clean Concrete Floor?

Epoxy Floors Houston can help
Epoxy Floors Houston has enabled thousands of customers to transform their dreary and sometimes offensively stained, cracked concrete, into beautiful floors for 15 years. Our customers have become the envy of their neighborhood and we can help you too. We are one of the leading installers for residential and commercial resinous flooring in the entire state of Texas. So, if industry leaders such as Toyota, Fed Ex and Dr. Pepper, who demand the best, trust Epoxy Floors Texas to deliver the very best and get the job done right, you can too.

We have completed thousands of epoxy floors in Houston, but more importantly that represents thousands of extremely satisfied customers. With 15 years experience our company has stood the test of time in an industry with high turnover.  We have proven that we can deliver exceptional work at an affordable price, time and time again.  Inexperienced contractors may use substandard materials that may not last or be applied properly.

Quality of Work:
Epoxy Floors Has been a leader in providing top quality epoxy flooring for many years. More importantly it is the level of execution that sets us apart from the competition. Process is irrelevant, if it is not accompanied by great execution. You never want to confuse the process with execution. Many competitors use the same “process” yet fail miserably when it comes to the execution. Customers will often settle for the company that makes outlandish promises or offers a cheap price only to be very disappointed by the results. Much like a plastic surgeon who offers a cheap rate and a promise to give you Angelina Jolie’s lips, only to have your lips look more like Mick Jagger’s. With Epoxy Floors Texas you won’t get any outlandish claims or promises, just great execution and a beautiful floor that will last.

Great Value:
Epoxy flooring is great value as well. Not only is it cost effective to install epoxy flooring compared to other flooring alternatives such as wood, tile or carpet, it is much easier to keep clean and less expensive to maintain. Carpet is an endless chore. Tile needs to have the grout frequently resealed, and wood requires high maintenance to keep its original luster. With epoxy flooring all you need is to periodically clean the floor with a mild detergent. Not to mention it is chemically resistant, antimicrobial and waterproof. Epoxy flooring is proof that beauty doesn’t have to be expensive or require constant primping. Don’t take our word for it go to Angie’s list and read the reviews that have earned us an A rating.

We are fully insured:

Epoxy Floors Houston carries a one million dollar liabilty policy with a 2 million aggregate. We have never had a claim in the 15 years we have been in business, but our customers have the peace of mind knowing if something ever does go wrong, we have them covered.

We warranty our product to provide our customers with greater peace of mind. Given that our customer satisfaction exceeds 99%, warranty claims are extremely rare but, if you should ever have an issue you can know with confidence we will still be here to service your needs.

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