Are You Considering an Epoxy Coating?

Why Choose Epoxy Floors Houston
Epoxy Floors of Houston has been in business since 2008. During that time we have installed thousands of epoxy floor coatings.  In that time we have grown to Houston’s largest residential installer of epoxy floors.

As homeowners ourselves we understand what a daunting task it can be choosing the right company to do the job. Our homes are our sanctuary, it is where we commune with our family, it is a great source of pride and for many of us it is the culmination of our hard work and determination. For that reason, we believe that there are several factors that you should consider before letting any company perform work on your home.

We have completed thousands of epoxy floors in Houston, but more importantly that represents thousands of extremely satisfied customers. Often you will find that many companies are Jacks of all Trades, but masters of none. At Epoxy Floors of Houston we do one thing and one thing only, epoxy floors! We have proven that we can deliver exceptional work at an exceptional price, time and time again.  Inexperienced contractors may use substandard materials that may not last or be applied properly.

Quality of Work:
We at Epoxy Floors of Houston use only commercial grade products for all of our residential clients. We start in the very beginning with the floor preparation. Some do it yourself options suggest using an acid wash to prepare your concrete surface. We know from our experience that acid washing is less adequate in creating a surface that will provide proper adhesion, which is critical to creating a stable and strong epoxy floor. We accomplish this by diamond grinding the concrete floor to reach the substrate. We then use a commercial grade epoxy which we customize to our client’s preference. This enables your floor to not only be strong, but vibrant with color. To ensure greater luster and strength, we can add a commercial grade polyurethane topcoat. Many would say that using commercial grade products for a residential application is overkill. We strongly disagree. We know that if we use a product that is designed to withstand the rigors of commercial use, it will deliver an epoxy floor that will look great, perform flawlessly, and homeowners can show off with great pride.

Great Value:
We take great pride in not only delivering a superior floor but, also being able to do it cost effectively for our customers. Although you may get a competitive bid from an overnight expert in epoxy coatings, be cautious of the contractor without a proven work history.  We have numerous examples of clients who went with a cheaper option only to have us clean up the mess and then install what we originally bid for in the first place. It is also why we strongly encourage our customers to join Angie’s list and read the reviews that have earned us an A rating.

We warranty our product to provide our customers with greater peace of mind. Given that our customer satisfaction exceeds 99%, warranty claims are extremely rare but, if you should ever have an issue you can know with confidence we will still be here to service your needs.

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