Three Ways to Renovate Your Garage

Renovating a garage is an effective means of extending living space. A formerly utilitarian space can be transformed into an eminently livable, stylish, and comfortable part of the home. With a little ingenuity the garage becomes more than a Christmas decoration storage place where a few rakes are hung, and the car is parked.

Painting the Walls


As garages become more livable spaces, painting the walls is similar to keeping front doors freshly painted. The color of the walls will make an impression on visitors. A fresh coat of paint is an easy improvement in the appearance of a garage.

Typically, garages are not temperature-controlled. For this reason, choose a paint with superior adhesion that will contract and expand as temperatures fluctuate from blistering heat to extreme cold. Acrylic latex paint has an acrylic binder that adheres well to prepared surfaces. Give all paint surfaces a thorough cleaning before applying paint.

Garage walls in good shape can be painted with a high sheen paint that is easy to clean and resists stains. Gloss calls attention to wall imperfections. Walls with sloppy joints, dings, and dents fare better with lower luster, satin, or eggshell paint. A fresh paint job warms the welcome of guests and makes the family feel more at home.

Epoxy Floor Coating


Today’s most durable and toughest garage floor finish is an epoxy coating. Not only does it provide garage floor protection, it instantly transforms ugly or boring cement into a professional looking floor that is functional and beautiful. As garages quickly become more than a place to park the car, the benefits of epoxy make it the top garage flooring choice. The application is quick. It is easy to maintain, withstands wear-and-tear, and comes in a wide selection of colors.

Organizational Storage


Without taking up floor space, a huge storage platform that is easily accessible can be created. Using two-foot wide shelve, 150 square feet of storage space is possible. Most two-car garages have three walls with bare upper regions. Adding two-foot deep shelves on the three walls give a huge, accessible platform for storage. Almost any garage can be fitted with these shelves with a little customization.

The shelves should be about eight-foot high. They will hold approximately 30 pounds per linear foot. It is the storage area for camping gear, sporting goods, and off-season clothes. A 23-inch apron attaches the shelves to the wall. Driving nails and hooks into the apron provides storage for hoses, cords, and garden tools. Between braces, a closet rod can be added to conveniently hand clothes, raincoats, and jackets.  Any of these options are a great way to renovate your garage.