The Texas Tough Flooring System

The Texas Tough Flooring System presented by Justin Enke with Epoxy Floors Houston Read our cover story here!

Posted by Epoxy Floors Houston on Sunday, January 31, 2016

Move over tile, synthetic wood and acid-washed concrete − there’s a scientifically proven alternative for homes and businesses that is stylish, cost efficient and tough as nails.

For those looking for a floor-covering product that is both durable and attractive, the solution is Epoxy Floors of Houston. It’s a concept that is catching on with home and business owners that want a great looking floor that protects the surface, is easy to clean and adds a touch of class to any environment.

“Epoxy floors have been a popular upgrade for garages and workspaces for several years,” said Justin Enke of Epoxy Floors of Houston. “We’re now seeing a lot of interest inside homes, restaurants, medical facilities and areas that service all types of pets.”

That’s because a professionally installed epoxy floor is Texas tough. The finished product is a mere 30 mils thick, but it’s durable enough to roll a 747 jumbo jet over without damage. It’s also resistant to oil, gas and harsh chemicals. It can absorb a beating and clean up like new.

The increasingly popular flooring system starts out in a liquid state, combining resin and a curing agent spread evenly over a flooring base − like the poured concrete floor of a garage. When completed, an optional clear coat is added to protect the floor and add durability.

“We can add pigments to have any color,” said Enke. “We can add colored flakes − a popular option for garages and workspaces because it hides dirt and offers a bit of texture. We also offer metallic floors. It’s a more difficult process, but it offers a really unique look.”

Since 2008, Enke has earned a reputation and a following for quality floor installations. Referrals from satisfied customers have made Epoxy Floors of Houston the premier company in the region.

“A lot of people are incorporating epoxy floors in kitchens, mud rooms, utility rooms and other spaces where there is a lot of traffic and they need a floor that will stand up to the workload,”

said Enke. “Epoxy floors can take a beating and look great.”

The system is also popular for restaurants, hospitals, stables, machine shops and other businesses where cleanup can be a challenge. Unlike other systems, if there is damage, you don’t have to go looking for a piece of tile or flooring material that was originally installed. Repairs to epoxy floors are simple to do and virtually undetectable when completed. 

It should be noted, however, that epoxy flooring is not designed to fix broken or severely flawed slabs − it’s a coating system, not a replacement.

“We can deal with small cracks and most irregularities,” said Enke. “Epoxy flooring is fine 99 percent of the time.”

Installation by Epoxy Floors of Houston is a relatively simple process involving a few hours on two consecutive days. The floor can be walked on within 24 hours and is safe for vehicular traffic within 48 hours. 

“We’ve done close to 8,000 floors in the past few years,” said Enke. “We don’t do tile or wood floors. We only do epoxy floors; it is our expertise, so we have it down to a science.”

That’s important because while epoxy floors are easy to maintain, proper installation takes experience and know how. There are a lot of cottage industry contractors who offer epoxy flooring as a sideline to their business. Unfortunately, the quality of their product is inconsistent.

“Be careful in dealing with a contractor who offers epoxy flooring as a sideline and wants a big deposit up front on the job to buy materials,” said Enke. “We have a warehouse stocked with enough product to handle any size project − and we don’t ask for a deposit.”

That’s another reason Epoxy Floors of Houston is an industry leader and was awarded the highly coveted Super Service Award from Angie’s List, an honor reserved for only five percent of contractors. Enke recommends prospective customers do some research before selecting a flooring company. Contact people who have had epoxy floors installed and take a look at the workmanship before committing. 

“There are a wide range of styles, color combinations and even the addition of color logos or decorative applications,” said Enke. “Prices vary based on preferences, but start as low as $2.75 per square foot.”

Epoxy Floors of Houston, the premier flooring system of its kind in south Texas, is located at 19018 Hamish Road in Tomball. For information, visit or call 281-771-1999