Revitalize Concrete Surfaces With Metallic Epoxy Flooring


Do you have areas in your home with bare concrete? While resurfacing these areas with flooring can be expensive and time-consuming, there is another option to transform these surfaces from boring to brilliant. Metallic epoxy coating is a cost effective and beautiful way to add color plus protection to your concrete, increasing the value of your home.

What Is Metallic Epoxy?

Used in many different applications, metallic epoxy coating is used to give a concrete floor a shiny, attractive surface that is easy to maintain. The coating is applied like paint, rolled smoothly on the surface with a coat of primer, then a second coat of the metallic base coat. There are several options on color and tones that can be used, making each floor completely unique. Many users opt to have a third coating of clear coat or urethane to give their floors additional shine and protection.

Creative Ideas For Metallic Epoxy In Your Home

Epoxy coatings are popular in commercial settings, such as restaurants, salons, warehouses and machine shops. However, they are also perfect for many residential applications where homes have bare concrete. The metallic epoxy is especially attractive and versatile, which makes it an excellent choice for home projects. Some ideas on where to apply this coating include:

–         Basement flooring. Transform an unfinished concrete floor in your basement with the metallic epoxy flooring. This can create more living space in your home; a perfect place for a game room, bar or second family room.

–         Garages. Metallic epoxy is excellent for coating garage floors, giving them a professional, clean appearance. In addition, the epoxy will make floors easier to clean while protecting them from spills and stains.

–         Patios. For homes with plain concrete patios, metallic epoxy can brighten these areas with color and sparkle. This is an economical alternative to replacing an existing patio, offering a whole new look without the expense.

In addition to the beauty, durability and practicality of metallic epoxy coating, this resurfacing material is also fast and affordable. Many concrete surfaces can be coated within one day and ready for use the very next day. The end result is an aesthetically pleasing floor or surface that is easy to clean and resistant to staining, perfect for many areas of your home.


Image Source: flickr