Protect Your Bar and Countertops With Professional Epoxy Coating


There is a good reason that most restaurants and lounges have shiny wood bars and tables; almost all of them use an epoxy coating to protect their surfaces from spills and stains. Once applied, the clear coating lasts for years, even with heavy industrial use. This same method can be used to protect any bar or counter top, whether it is for commercial use or within your home.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating for Bar Tops

Epoxy coating can be applied to almost any surface, giving it a high gloss and protective layer. The resin coating is carefully applied to create a barrier between counters, bars or table top material, especially wooden objects. The benefits include:

  • For wood surfaces, epoxy coatings waterproof bars and tables that are exposed to liquids, eliminating glass water rings from forming on the wood. This extends the life of the wood and can save money on replacements.
  • Scratch-resistant. Another reason epoxy coating is popular in commercial settings is that it protects wood from scratches and fading. This can be used on almost any wood surface that gets heavy use, including coffee and end tables.
  • Sanitary. For restaurants and bars, all surfaces must be sanitized to meet health department standards. Porous surfaces like wood can absorb bacteria, making them impossible to sanitize. Epoxy coatings give a hard surface over wood that is easily sanitized.

Applying epoxy coating to bar tops, counters and tables is an excellent way to preserve their beauty and makes them easy to clean. However, even though it is a clear coating, it can be difficult to get a smooth, even layer applied. If done incorrectly; the furniture below could be ruined. Professional epoxy application is the best way to ensure that the coating is correctly applied and will last for many years to come.


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