Preparing Your Concrete Floor for a New Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floor coatings create not only a more durable flooring surface, but also a more aesthetically pleasing option which comes with a host of benefits. Still, part of extending the life of your new epoxy flooring is ensuring proper preparation before application.

In order to be optimally long-wearing and durable, epoxy must be applied to a concrete surface free of dust, surface debris or any other particles which can interfere with proper adhesion. To achieve this goal, there are two primary methods used by professionals to clean and prepare the surface: machine grinding and acid wash.

Common Epoxy Flooring Preparation Methods

Acid washing is fairly popular among do-it-yourself enthusiasts, but is not preferred among professionals for several reasons. While less expensive for the non-professional because acid washing doesn’t require heavy equipment access, professionals committed to high quality results will generally opt for machine grinding to ensure the best results. Achieving uniform etching is much more difficult with acid, and the process can leave moisture behind with the potential to interfere with adhesion.

Reputable, experienced professionals will almost always use mechanical grinding, as they will have access to much more modern and efficient equipment than simple acid wash. Diamond mechanical grinding opens pores in the concrete more effectively, and will make the concrete surface more receptive to epoxy coating. Unlike acid washing, grinding can also smooth areas of imperfection to create a more even surface in preparation for epoxy application.

With the right preparation, your new epoxy floors will provide a durable surface capable of lasting for years to come.