Ideas for Transforming Your Garage Into a Fun and Functional Space

Garages may be the most under-used square footage of a home. Of course, they are invaluable in spring and winter for keeping cars in good conditions. Classic car lovers see a garage as a must. Here are some creative ideas for converting garages into functional spaces for those looking for additional living space. Garages have been converted into offices, living rooms, workout rooms, and playrooms.

Paint the Walls

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Garages are among the most neglected spaces in a home. A coat of paint on the wall will jazz up the garage and make if look as great as the other parts of the home. When choosing a color think about what the space will be used for. Car repair and carpentry work need light colors that will reflect light. Light colors are a good choice for most uses. Garages usually only get natural when the doors are raised.

Not every color works because garages have a tendency to get dirty. Avoid yellows and white. Light shades of brown or gray work best. They are modern and sophisticated colors. Because they hide dirt well, they are ideal for garage spaces.


Garage shelving offers an accessible means of storing items for seasonal or regular use. Cube style shelving is great for storing recreation equipment and sporting goods. Garage shelving allows recreational equipment to be kept close to the action but out of the way and reduces clutter.

Organizing a space makes finding items easy, saves effort and time, and maximizes available space. Sturdy metal shelving units display construction materials and power tool inventory. As home improvements arise, equipment for getting the job done is found exactly where expected.


Epoxy Floors Houston Garage

Flooring is the easiest way to bring a new look to a garage. The most widely used flooring in garages is an epoxy finish. It is an option that is durable, low maintenance and perfect in all kinds of weather. Choosing the right epoxy coating takes the budget, desired finish and look, durability needed, and the condition of the concrete floor into consideration.

Solid color and flake finishes are the most common choices. Flake finishes can be light or heavy. Epoxy coatings have a high adhesion capability. There are levels of durability:  commercial grade and residential grad. If the only activity that takes place in a garage is driving vehicles in and out, a residential grade is all that is needed. Commercial grade is better for garages that are converted into workshops.