Common Epoxy Applications in Residential Settings

Epoxy is well known as being a type of durable super glue used in many industrial applications, but it is just as handy around the home.  Read on and fine out some of the wonderful things epoxy can do for you.

Are you a handy man who saves money by making your own furniture?  Epoxy is ideal for helping you out.  Not only is it good for securing sections of a frame, it can also be used as one of the prime ingredients in the finishing varnish.  This varnish can serve as a layer of protection that will last for years and it is also as attractive as it is effective in preserving the integrity of the wood.

If you have your own home office complete with wires for some of your equipment, and you also have pets such as dogs and cats, you know those wires are a constant temptation for them to chew on.  To protect your equipment and your pets, you can use epoxy to create a solid seal over the wires.  Also, if there is a cut in the fiber of a telephony network, epoxy has the ability to bind fiber wiring and create a seal on the casing.  This will help you to get longer life out of your wiring and lessen annoying downtime.

Another great residential use for epoxy is repair the joints in picture frames.  It is also a quick and easy way to mend table and chair legs that have become unstable with age or have become loose.  Antique picture frames which have become loose are also the perfect application for epoxy.

Has the grip to one of your golf clubs become loose or come off completely?  Epoxy is the fast and easy answer to get you back in the game in no time at all.  Have the soles of your shoes become loose threatening to end their usefulness far too soon?  Epoxy is the very best way to save these shoes and save you some money and it works best in tennis shoes with rubber soles that is not suitable for other adhesives.

Be completely prepared before you start a job with epoxy.  Know that it sets fast and that it is easy to get some of the epoxy stuck to your fingers.  And once it becomes stuck to your fingers, it is very difficult to get off, so do your planning before you start.