3 Reasons Why Epoxy Coatings are Ideal for Warehouse Applications

3 Reasons Epoxy Coatings Are Ideal for Warehouse Applications

Concrete floors are common in industrial settings, yet are poorly designed to resist stains and often need coloring coding for safety reasons. Many large warehouses and production floors have the need for durable floor coating that will withstand heavy traffic and daily use. Epoxy floor coatings are ideal for these large commercial applications for a variety of reasons. Here are three excellent reasons to consider using epoxy coating for your warehouse floor.

  • Stain resistance. Epoxy floor coating is excellent for any warehouse or production area that uses mechanical equipment or handles liquid products. Equipment such as forklifts and conveyor belts can leak fluid and warehouses housing liquid products are bound to have spills. Epoxy coating protect floor for stains and chemical damage, making cleanup easier.
  • Low cost and maintenance. Large commercial spaces have thousands of square footage to cover when adding new flooring. Epoxy floor coating is economical to apply, yet durable for the heavy usage expected in an industrial setting. In addition, epoxy coating is easy to clean and maintain, making it a smart investment for manufacturers, production lines and warehouses.
  • Safety. One of the best reasons to use epoxy floor coatings is the ease of adding safety coloring for designated areas. Epoxy coating can be a variety of colors, including the “safety yellow” that is common in commercial buildings. Epoxy coating can be used to create safety walk areas for employees, designate forklift areas and for many other color-coding uses within a work area.

In addition to the practical applications of epoxy coating for production buildings or warehouses, epoxy floor coatings are also attractive. Choose from high glossy or even metallic coatings for aesthetic appeal, especially in office or loading areas where clients are present. The versatility and cost efficiency makes epoxy floor coating the reasonable choice for almost any large commercial warehouse setting.

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